Parents and Friends (PnF)

Parents and Friends (PnF)

Parents and Friends (PnF) are a group of people from our community who strive to provide valuable assistance to our school.  This is done through many ways, such as fundraising, social events, and supporting school programs and the teachers.

PnF works in cooperation with the Principal and School Council and meets about twice a term.

Our current committee is:

Our program for 2023:

Parents and Friends Committee have recently provided funding towards purchasing iPads for all teachers, funding towards the building of the new student kitchen, board games and readers for Prep to Grade 2s and every year they fund the Reading Eggs program. They also successfully ran a bi-annual Trivia Night in 2023,  raising $4000 for our school. PnF are also involved in most festivals which happen in Fish Creek, including the Tea Cosy Festival and the Prom Coast Festival.

PnF is a welcoming group, and we invite all parents and friends to become involved, through attending monthly meetings, or simply by offering to assist at one or more of our events throughout the year.  By being actively involved with the school, it gives you an opportunity to know what is happening within the school community and your child’s school days. PnF endeavours to contribute to the wellbeing of the school.

If you would like any information on PnF, please contact Tracey through the school office, she is more than happy to chat with you.