Cool School

Photovoltaic System Installed—Has generated over 1000 kwh

We have installed a solar system to generate power from the sun to feed into the grid. The Junior School Council wanted to do something positive about global warming—so we did.


Positive action will help students self image and sends a message that something can always be done. This is important when they keep hearing bad news.

We will reduce greenhouse gases produced by the school. Whether this is critical or not doesn’t really matter – it is still a good thing to do.

The school will save money – that’s a good thing too!

The System

We have installed 16 BP 165w panels through a 3.8 kw inverter. This 2.65 kw system should produce around 3975 kWh/year and save 3445 kg/year of carbon dioxide. That’s about 68,900 black balloons.

The Installer

Geoff Boadle and his team from Sustainable Impact in Trafalgar did a great job. He is so enthused with the project that he donated an extra 2 panels and installation free of charge.

We Thank

Fish Creek Jaycees—$4000, Councillor Bob Newton $1000, Fish Creek Parents Club $500, Councillor Dianne Casbolt $500, Councillor Hutchinson-Brooks $250, Murray Goulburn $100, Victorian Government $5940, Australian Government $12,800.

Students wrote letters to these groups and individuals asking for support, they also raised about $900 through the sale of energy-saving compact fluorescent globes.

We Save:  68,900 black balloons – And generate the power to run 311 computers